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Photo by matt obrien

Joel is a the latest Addition to the Radicals. The Cabarita kid can punt. Check out his blog here.


Welcome to the Radicals Joel.

Do you feel even more radical than ever?
Haha, i guess im just trying to keep up with the times and what needs to be done to try stand out when i surf.

Deal or no deal? or hot seat? and why? 
Hot seat! if i was to play deal or no deal i would probably pick out the 200G case first pick, and then get really angry and start abusing the other case holders! 

Why do you surf? 
I guess growing up 2 minutes from the beach had a lot to do with it, and i was inspired by alot of the older guys when i was growing up and thats what motivated me and still does motivate me to keep surfing and trying not to fall into full time work and what not! 

/The The rest of these photos by Douglas Tallis,

Hows the Caba life treating you?
The CABA life Haha! well i have lived in Caba, in the same house in fact my whole life. Caba will always be home to me, its just an amazing place full of so many great people who i respect and who have helped me get to where i am not only in my surfing but at a person as well. The whole community has shown and given my family so much support with everything we have been through with my older brother Sam, not only through fundraising but love and support has played a huge role in helping Sam get to where her is today and will forever motivate him through further rehabilitation

Art and music, what do they mean to you? 
I love Art, One of my aunties is an amazing artist. weather its painting, collages, street art, anything really. I just wish i was more artistic, i try draw some of the images i create in my mind but it never works.
as for music, i can almost listen to anything. love Rap/gangster/hip hop what ever you want to call it, but then i still listen to rock n roll, hardcore, punk but i cant stand aussie hip hop!


You have met your new Team Manager Nate dog.
What were your first impressions? 
Haha nuke dog, it took me a while to clue in on his slang but hes cool, im just happy to have a team manager who is keen to surf and hang out, when we had our first surf he pulled shove-it i was freaking out the guy can shred. and Im just stoked to be on the afends team the whole crew seems to be pretty wild.

Where do you want to be in 10 years and who do you want with you?
10 years is a long time, apparently the wolrd is going to end next year so we could all be 6 ft under by then


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