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PIGAPOLOOZA - Hard & Heavy

PIGAPOLOOZA - Hard & Heavy

On the 27th of November (The day after the destruction derby), the folk in brisbane will have the opportunity to attend the PIGAPOOLOZA - Hard & Heavy festival at The Tempo Hotel. So we thought it was fitting to do this weeks blog post on some of the bands and highlights attending this festival. Gracing our shores will be: All Shall Perish, Numbers Radio, The Kidney Thieves, Signal The Firing Squad, Greenthief, State of Integrity, The Royal Artillery, Resist The Thought and heaps more! Make sure you jump on our Facebook and let us know which piece from our new HIGH SUMMER range you want to be repping at the festival for your chance to win a free ticket and some gear! Check out some videos below of bands attending the festival. See you there!

All Shall Perish

Numbers Radio

Resist The Thought

Signal The Firing Squad

State of Integrity


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