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Recently on his trip over from the states to film the Vans Bowl-O-Rama, Callum Preston stopped in to the AFENDS warehouse in Byron Bay to work some of his magic on our warehouse walls.

This art incaptured all aspects of the Byron lifestyle that us at AFENDS live and breath. From the ocean in the bay to the hills out west and everything in-between.

Callum brought a sense of skating, surfing, music, art & lifestyle elements all rolled into one impressive piece. He even managed to reference one of his favourite movie series back to the future with the time warped clock. During this amazing process we filmed a video capturing Callum doing his thing. From this, we brings you the AFENDS X Callum Preston Limited Tee.

Check out our interview with Callum Below 


Q: Callum, hows it going man? 
Q: Whats been happening in your neck of the woods? 
Seattle is a wet and kinda gloomy place but at this time of year there is a rad change rolling in as spring takes over and its getting warmer, So just lots of working and trying to get out and enjoy life. My girlfriend and I are about to go for a week in New York then drive down via Richmond Virginia to Atlanta to hang with friends in different cities. Ive never been to Richmond but i hear its cool, and Atlanta is awesome, loads of cool people doing different art and creative stuff. And good food! I like the south. A huge benefit of being based in the states is that i can visit a lot of places i usually would not. Its been awesome.
Q: So you were just in AUS filming the Vans Bowl A Rama, howd that go? 
It was awesome, it was my second year, Vans brought me on as their head filmer for the event, and they also sent me along to the New Zealand event which the are a co sponsor of too. I provided a 2-3 minute video each day for the week of the event in Bondi and two days in Wellington just covering the behind the scenes of all the event, the warm up sessions, the parties and art shows etc etc. It really is like a festival of skate.
I would shoot all day then edit late into the night, upload it and do it all over again the enxt day, I feel i did a pretty good job making the viewer feel like they were there, and cos it was up daily it keeps people excited for the next day. The views on the videos were amazing, my highest yet so i was stoked. I am a skater and grew up loving it, so it really is a dream project to work on.

Q: Whats been happening in the land of Everfresh? Any new exciting projects in the works? 
Everyone involved at Everfresh is doing awesome, Meggs just had his 2nd solo show in Hong Kong, Rone has one coming up in London, Reka and Phibs just had their own back in Melb. Everyone is super busy and working hard at living off their art, There are some plans for some big stuff towards the end of 2012 too so thats exciting, but i cant say what just yet but it will be awesome. I want to aim to have a solo show to around the end of the year or early 2013.
Q: The painting you whipped up in our warehouse looks insane! Where did you draw your inspiration for this? 
Yeah so the wall in the warehouse was painted on a standard hot day in the warehouse, it felt like an oven, but i was on holiday and had a big blank wall all to myself so i was stoked. Originally my sketch was a cu cu clock type deal then when i saw the wall it leant itself better to a wider shape, so i kind of morphed it into a cross between a temple, an Indo beach shack and a cu cu clock. I chatted with the lads and they wanted something that featured a little bit of everything that inspires us all. Art, Skate, Music, along with some cool imagery. I really enjoy imperfect symmetry so hand painting it means it will never be perfect, which is part of the appeal. I am stoked on how it came together.
Q: Have you been working on any other rad art, both for personal projects and clients? 
Ive been drawing more lately, planning some cool video projects, both commercial and personal art stuff. Im lucky in that i do a lot of music based work so sometimes i see my work in places i never expect, Ive been doing some merch for a big euro online store that produces stuff for thousands of bands, cool to think that my work is floating around on hardcore kids from Australia to Russia. Im also planning on getting back in and dropping some new zines later in the year.
Q: Whos work are you loving at the moment?
As always all the crew at Everfresh, but really i cant say any one person. Its awesome because my biggest inspirations are generally some of my closest friends, and they work in all different mediums. Illustrators, Painters, Photographers, Visual Artists, Graff Writers. 
Q: The big one... What tunes are you spinning lately?
You cal call me Al by Paul Simon on repeat and the I love Green Guide Letters Podcast (check it out on Itunes, its free) My mate Steele does it and its just like a bunch of mates taking the piss.
Q: Any last words for the world dude? 




Printed in Australia on 100% Pre-shrunk cotton!

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