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Film fun with Toby Cregan

Film fun with Toby Cregan


We are lucky enough at AFENDS to work with some really talented people, one of those legends is Mr Toby Cregan. Tobes shoots all our campaign lifestyle clips and does a lot of filming for AFENDS radical Joel Ford. His head has been bobbing around the office today so we thought why dont we throw some questions his way and see what babble comes out.

So Tobes, when did you first pick up a video camera?
I first picked my mums video camera when I was about 11, and ended up getting my own when I was 13 or 14.

What inspired you as a grommet to get into filming surf?
I never would film my friends surf or anything, I just wanted to go surf myself.
I don’t think I ever filmed anyone catch a wave until I was 17.
When I was a grommet I was just filming skateboarding and my band playing… I would hit record and sit my camera on a chair.
I really liked to film skateboarding because you can still skate between shots, your not going to miss any clips it was just fun not standing on the beach on your own in the cold. Haha

Youre shooting a lot of both surfing and fashion lifestyle clips at the moment, how do you like the variety in your job?
Man I love it!
Its great I never really wanted to just film surf clips, and working with you guys at Afends is the perfect balance for me.

 I have to say your fashion lifestyle video work is right up there, howd you find the transition to fashion?
I was a little bit nervous my first shoot with models, but the way Sam (Nolan) works everything flows so natural and after a few shoots now Im really comfortable doing that kind of work, I enjoy it.

If you didnt get into videography what do you think you would do?
I worked in retail, a warehouse and a office before I was filming so I guess I would still be doing something like that, I was never really happy doing those jobs, I really like the endless creativity with making films.
That’s what I want to do

the question for the nerds…what gear do you use and whats on your want list?
Canon 600d with a 100 – 400 and a 50mm 1.4 and a few other bits and pieces.
I want to get new mics and a steady cam, a good dolly would be cool too.

Whats some tips you would like to pass on to the next generation of filmers?
Don’t film seagulls and shit.

who is the most inspirational filmer for you at the moment?
I watched this awesome doco the other night about this pool skater dude, it was so real best documentary I have seen in ages.
The film is called Dragonslayer and the guy who made it is Tristan Patterson, so I guess him!

what can we expect from you in the near future?
I am making a documentary about my brother called DERO, its in the early stages but it is going to be interesting, that will probably come out next year.
Me and Joel (ford) are going to be working together on a few projects over the next 6 months.
I have been working with big wave charger Brett Burcher also I will have some clips coming out with him.
There is a movie that I put together that will be coming out with Waves magazine next month it is basically just an extended show real of a bunch of different projects I have worked on in the last year.

final question, whats your favourite artists playing in your iTunes right now?
Hunx and his punx
Young Jeezy
White Fang

See more of Tobys videos at his Vimeo Page

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