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AFENDS x Stab Mag - "A Poolside Love Affair"

AFENDS x Stab Mag - "A Poolside Love Affair"

Our mates over at STAB Magazine are busy doing their surf thing, which is cool. They like to surf, but they’re also into fashion, girls and all kinds of other things that make the days tick by. They ask all the hard questions, and are not afraid to stir up a little shit. We like that. We like to surf too, and we like that they like to talk a little bit of shit. When they asked us to make a pair of one-off boardies (they like to call them trunks) we laughed at first. But then thought, “Fuck yeah, we can do this!” And we did. We made them right here in Byron Bay, along with a little video to show how we did it. We’re proud of them. We think ours are better than the others, and we hope you do too. So help us slay some of the big guys and vote for AFENDS. The winners get to talk shit on the others and get the cover of Stab. We want to win. We want to talk shit. Help please – click here and vote through your Facebook. Thanks!

AFENDS x Stab Mag Trunks from STAB on Vimeo.


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