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Lewis Marnell In One Love

Lewis Marnell In One Love

The world continues to remember Aussie shredder Lewis Marnell, almost two months after his passing. Filmer and good friend of Lewis’, Jason Hernandez has put together an extraordinary video titled ‘One Love’ as a tribute to this legend. The edit stands as a testament to Lewis’ incredible skills, board control and absolute affability.                                                                                

Here are the words of editor Jason Hernandez accompanying the video:

We lost a skateboarder, a friend, and most of all a truly good person.
Lewis lived his life with Diabetes, the kind were youd need to check your blood for its insulin levels and give your self a shot sometimes twice a day. Oh hed let you know every day he had diabetes :) hed ask before every spot, Oi - how far is the nearest store, Oi - I need to eat, Oi - how long are we gonna be here? I need food I look back at this and smile, at the time Id be like, c-mon really...? He was really good a misplacing his insulin pen, I helped him find it quite a few times, and remember how psyched hed be to find it under his mess of shopping bags hed bring on every session, OHHHH the shopping bags - theyd be rustling around making all sorts of noise in the car, hotel room; hed have all his gummy worms, sour patch kids, all sorts of sugary foods to keep his levels were they needed to be.
Lewis was legitimately a good person, he cared about what was going on in your life, hed stop to talk with anyone, I mean anyone... A bum, the random lurker you dont want to talk to a the spot, anyone... Wed always be waiting on him cause he met some new friend at the skate spot/or wherever we stopped the car.
I miss you Lewis I hate to say I truly took you for granted and am sorry for every time I made you eat Subway cause I couldnt figure out your diet, I wish I could tell you all this in person... but I cant. So next time I will try and let the people I see daily know that I appreciate them, and stop to talk with them just a little longer.”

R.I.P Lewis

Lewis Marnell tribute ONE LOVE from Jason Hernandez on Vimeo.

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