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Alone In the Zone

Alone In the Zone

It has been two years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant meltdown occurred, with the 20km evacuation zone still in force. You would assume that this area would be completely deserted due to the radiation, think again. One farmer, Naoto Matsumura remains behind in the town of Tomioka braving the high levels of radiation and loneliness in order to tend to the abandoned animals. The town of Iidate not far away was also evacuated due to the high levels of radiation, but farmer Hasegawa Kenji sought refuge in temporary housing. Both men faced with a post-nuclear world share their views on the state of their lives and the situations they’ve had to face since the devastation. To see more from Vice, check out their website.

Interview and photos by Ivan Kovac and Jeffrey Jousan. Article translated from the Japanese by Luke Baker.

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