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Behind The Brand - Anthony Prince

Behind The Brand - Anthony Prince

Princey is currently the Afends Wholesale Agent and has been involved with the sales department for over 3 epic years now. In this time he has seen the brand emerge from a group of 5 dudes in the Pig Shed - out the back of Decos old mans Byron crib - into the office space that now employs at least 20 professionals. 

Throughout his time at Afends hes worked in National and International Sales, helping our partners in making the company a top brand for them in store. Princey continues to assist stores in ensuring they always have plenty of stock through the busy times and that our Limited Edition Program continues to make ripples in the industry. 


We recently sat down and had a chat with Princey. Read on for his story... 

I always had a bit of spark as a young fella. This spark is best described as an unfocused energy that would lead me into dilemmas throughout my youth. Most of these dilemmas were pretty normal for a male teen. However, when I was 19, on a snowboarding holiday to Vail, Colorado USA, me and a mate robbed a bank with unloaded BB guns. It was a cold snowing morning in March 2005 and we got away with over AU$190,000. But were arrested the next day as our attempt to flee to Mexico was foiled by the FBI. I later learned I made their notorious Most Wanted list....For about 10 hours!

I ended up doing 4 years in about eight different Federal prisons and jails across the U.S.A. Some were chilled transient low-security facilities, others housed inmates under high pressure serving life sentences - dead skits. Each prison had a dominant force, whether it be ethnic (hispanics, blacks etc), religious (muslims, christians) or gang related (Arian Brotherhood, MS13, Bloods etc). I altered my persona to fit each environment appropriately, but ultimately, Id always show respect and demand that respect be reciprocated, even if i was scared inside.

Ultimately, I feel its all about driving yourself to stay positive. Life is about challenges, everyday were faced with them, so get used to it. Its about how you handle yourself in the face of adversity that shows your true character.

Additionally, its OK to make mistakes but we have to learn from them. Try and fail, then try again because success tastes so much sweeter after a failure.

Check out Princey in the latest issue of Waves Magazine.

And connect with him on his Facebook and Instagram

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