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August 01, 2014


Former employee of our Burleigh Pop-Up Shop, Chris Mckeown took an adventure of a lifetime last year with the idea of riding motorbikes around North West India and onwards to the Himalayas. Transpired over a couple of cold ones at the local pub, before long Chris along with three mates were on a trip headed to Delhi with plans to find Royal Enfields and head north towards the Roof Of The World. 
For Six weeks they rode just under 5000 kilometres over some of the most mind blowing landscapes you could imagine. The further north they ventured, the better it was, up there seemed like the India we’d set out to see; wild terrain, raw rocky mountains and pot hole ridden roads that rattled your bones when a delivery truck convoy would roll recklessly around a tight corner.
With their fair share of mechanical failures rarely a full days worth of riding was completed. If they were lucky it’d happen close enough to the next town, where a nominal fee that most Australian mechanics wouldn’t even take smoko for, would have the bike back on the road in no time. Where possible, they did however manage to do the repairs ourselves, a simple parts kit and zip ties did the trick on most occasions. 

The country, its people and the places they saw were second to none. Having the freedom to stop and go as we pleased on bikes and exploring a quieter corner of India is something we’ll all remember for a lifetime. Prepare to daydream in your deskchair...




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