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August 25, 2014


Hi it’s Captain Cooked and welcome again to another Dead City Radio transmission from the deep heart of Afends Country in Byron Bay. It’s here where we question everything and take nothing on face value...  

Byron Bay was once synonymous with the counter culture, the new age movement, rainbows and free love. Sadly most of them have been evicted because they can’t pay the rent and have been replaced by another set of richer hedonistic self-adventuring yuppies. The rainbows have been geo- engineered and are now known as chembows.  Free love now costs a hundred bucks plus GST.

In today’s landscape Byron’s is now crawling with frauds, kooks, faux-pas hippie bludgers, bearded wannabe felt hat wearing hipsters, parkies, weird cops, CIA agents, the squiz involvement school, mad surfers and the odd backpacker. If your one of these then bad luck because you’re part of a huge mind control experiment that is trying to get you to believe that governments really do have the peoples best interest at heart.

Bullshit I say!!! Absolute bullshit!!! Your brains probably half fired already but try telling that to the children of GAZA who are being bombed to the Stone Age by the Zionist forces of Israel or the poor bastards in China who work 16 hour Days seven days  a week for globalist corporations who pay them nothing. Oh my God it’s the end!!!! Let’s drink the rent again and freefall into oblivion. Or we could do better by educating ourselves about the true nature of reality and by discovering the world is run by sociopathic war mongers who are obsessed with power and having total control.

The globalist elites are trying to slowly poison our bodies and minds with TV, vaccinations, chem-trails, prescription drugs, bizarre newspaper reports, false flags, premeditated scare tactics (Ebola), preservatives, tobacco, hard drugs, alcohol, McDonalds, WI FI and cell phone radiation and nano particles. Why are they doing this to us? Well they are doing it because they can and are evil sons of bitches. Look it up on YouTube there’s ten million theories. The bottom line is that they are the war creators and politicians are mere puppets that do as they are told .Our political systems are a complete hoax where Politicians earn obscene amounts of cash and use their privileges to further their own stinking ambitions. Having to deal with the world and all this bullshit that occurs is like living in a state of hyper-reality within a bad B-rate movie. How can we ever be really free when our whole experience of living is cheapened by the antics of mindless evil control freaks? 

Yeah governments have our best interests at heart! (NOT). They legislate our individual liberties out of existence and blame the so called war on terror. Our right to freedom have been diminished and marginalised to an extent where we can be fined for not winding our window up while our car is parked. We are fracked, hacked, spied on, fined and imprisoned if we don’t agree with the laws imposed upon us. We are beaten, chained and tazered if we dare stand up too staunchly to the cops who usually these days have full riot gear and look like something out of Robo cop.

The Police state is here and the poor and unemployed of Australia who are getting an even less money while high elite income earners namely the politicians who make the rules are getting tax breaks on their superannuation. The federal budget handed down by Tony Abbot who by the way as Prime Minister of Australia in in my opinion is a plastic man poured into an expensive suit of lies who looks like an animal that turned on itself. Not to mention his being elected on a package of false election and fraudulent claims. Jesus where will it end?   How low does a person have to stoop to become Prime Minster? You’ve probably wondered yourself. All of these frauds should immediately be arrested and tried for treason. So goodbye and get a life.

Awaken don’t be taken and always question everything.




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