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November 01, 2014


I’ve lost it, I’m terrified. Failure rests easy with me at a time like this. Especially when I’ve been trying to make the deadline for this crazy blog you guys from Afends make me write. What I’ve written so far has been a pile of ragged garbage and gibberish with no theme at all? To put it bluntly I had to escape from Byron and I’m holed up in the country south of Mt Kaputar near a hell hole called Narrabri drinking cheap goon and downing combinations. I’m a goner; I’m mess going nowhere fast!!!! I’m on the brink of oblivion hanging by a thread.

Why, why, why; what is the reason you ask? Well that’s easy my nerves are shattered because everywhere I turn there’s terror, terror in the papers and terror on the streets. My god is nowhere safe anyway? It seems like these terrorists are everywhere ready to pounce and turn us into dogmeat. That’s why I’m hanging out in the middle of nowhere its safer. Down in the city all our freedoms are being minimalized, even if we say the word terror we could be arrested and thrown in jail. Lord forgive us if we criticize this hooligan half-witted government; it could mean the gas chamber or worse an all-expenses paid trip to Canberra to sit and watch parliament debate. Jesus that would be like watching paint dry!

When I get back to Bryon clutching these scribbled filthy notes in my slime encrusted hands I will come and see you at the Afends headquarters. This hard copy is priceless but it’s always absolute chaos in there, CHOAS!!!! The dribbling goons who run the place are on acid most of the time and there’s a truckload of very strange people in little hutch like offices that have signs on the door saying things like “Faux-Pas Innovator”, “Deadline Designs’ and “ Marketing Mental Asylum”. I swear to God to Heath if they work me over like last time and don’t pay I’m going to write the incendiary tell all tale of their dirty dealings, druggy excesses, boozing, schmoozing, backstabbing and total corruption!!!

I’m terrified of everything I’ve got terrorvision when I walk through the halls of Afends central nobody knows me. They thing I’m going to rob the place or blow it up, sweet Jesus I’ve just realised they are terrified of everything just like me , we all are. Shitting ourselves when we see a shadow, when a bird screeches, when a car goes by …..Fuck it’s the end game I’m over it. I tried to go to the Cape to surf and the fuckers who run this joint have shut the road because a bunch of mindless morons from Brisbane are running in circles around the lighthouse for hours and hours arghhhhhhhhhh!!!! I’ve had it what the fuck does Afends mean anyway? OFFEND, DEFEND, PRETEND,WHAT????

Shit!!!! I’ve got to go there’s a truckload load of cops heading my way they have finally tracked me down and they are rednecks from Narrabri!! I only emerged from the shadows of that filthy blacklist they put on me last time, looks like it’s back to Longbay for me .This subversive writing is getting me nowhere fast, they think I’m a terrorist. Keep pumping out those cheap crappy T-shirts you do so well and tell Princey to send me his book I’m going to need it.

Regards Zircon.


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