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November 21, 2014


When they're not rampaging on tour, local lads Dune Rats tone it down a notch and chill out to there favourite movies. Our boys have kindly stepped up to the plate to offer a few of their favourites to cut down the lengthy decision-making process that can sometimes take longer than the actual watching of a film itself. . Hopefully there's something on here you haven't seen yet, because it's all gold, from the bearded bass-playing wonder that is Brett Jansch.

Cheeck & Chong - Up in Smoke

Used to have this on VHS in an old bong den when we were growing up watched it as many times as Mum's caught me high, full oldery sick funny classo movie, cooked pricks all through it and a sick ass soundtrack too!

Doped Youth

Could be one of the raddest surf films ever made too, B-grade acting by A+ surf cunts. As a teenage fuckup I used to wag school have a mix while watching it and then go surfing.

Half Baked

#1 to watch, could never remember what happens in the end if the dude gets out of jail or not? Always wound up too baked, I guess this movie started the whole Grandm'as Boy, Friday, How Highsteeze of a stoner movie.


More on the skitzy side of things - pretty gnarly story about meth addicts with an epic cast - both Mickey Rourke & Britney Murphy are flairing in this, has some trippy weird animation and heaps of drug use too. Best for late night mega cook off when laughing would use to much of your effort.

The Castle

Australian max gold as, full classo quotes in every scene. Probably the only movie you could smoke a jay with ya Mum and a bong with ya Dad after dinner at the RSL and go home and laugh. I don't think it even has a weed reference in it!



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