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November 28, 2014


Australian dance-pop aesthetes Cut Copys Cutters label recently released Cut Copy Presents: Oceans Apart, a compilation highlighting the Melbourne dance scene that was curated and mixed down by the band themselves. For those seeking an even deeper cultural dive, though, director Thomas Pollard's put together a 12-minute documentary serving as a visual supplement to the compilation.

Founding member and vocalist, Dan Whitford, stated that the motivation for the project came from a late night conversation in a club with a friend. “One of us said, ‘the dance scene in Melbourne has gotten so interesting over the past few years – someone should really document this!’ We looked at each other knowingly, and from that moment, the idea for ‘Oceans Apart’ was born.”  

Oceans Apart explores the backgrounds, lives and thoughts of some of the unique artists involved, in the hope of painting a broader picture of what Melbourne's current scene is about. Check out the video below..

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