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January 15, 2015


The Film Reel is a medium that should, at worst, make you wanna surf, and at best, make you wanna hire its creator. Luckily Ishka Folkwell is already a well established member of the Afends brotherhood having documented our team amongst others for the past 18 months. And there’s no better way to do that than via his Film Reel from 2014 – as premiered by our pals at STAB Mag a five minute compilation of his best clips, featuring Torren Martyn, Duncan McNicol, Josh Sleep, Nick Colbey, Johnny Abegg, Garrett Parkes, Jamie O’Brien and Bruce Irons, and filmed in Indo, Mexico, Cuba and Australia. Plus, it’s cut to Santana, which is all kinds of excellent. Nothing but good vibes here. 

Film Reel 2014 from ishka folkwell on Vimeo.

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