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Olivia McCartney - Ode To Joy

Olivia McCartney - Ode To Joy

We cannot get enough of the immensely talented Aussie singer-songwriter Olivia McCartney. In celebration of her new album, Ode, Yen magazine is exclusively streaming the album for free before its release. Jump onto their website to treat your earholes. We've reblogged their article below, but you can jump over to their website to listen to the album here

All words below by Yen Magazine.

Not satisfied with simply being a multi-instrumental songwriter at 17 years old, Olivia McCarthy is about to release her entirely self-produced EP Ode. The Brisbane-born, Sydney-based up-and-comer is better known in the music world by her middle name and stage moniker JOY. and has already gained attention with her latest single ‘About Us’. The four tracks that are set to appear on Ode feature her delicate vocals over percussion heavy, atmospheric tracks. Having already appeared on Peking Duk’s latest Like a Version and played a set at both Laneway Festival and Field Day she’s already well on her way to becoming the next young producer to blow sky high. Judging by how much she’s achieved at this point in her life, she’ll probably be Supreme Ruler of the Universe by this time next year.

We chat to JOY. below about the merits of sushi, dream high-fives and how she wrote her new EP Ode.

Where did you grow up and what did you love about it?
Brisbane. For school it was great, but for music I really wanted to be down in Sydney.

Where do you live now?
Sydney, near a bunch of warehouses close to the centre of town. I guess things got to a point where I needed to be here; I was interning at a recording studio and doing sessions almost every other weekend. I sold my car to pay for all my flights to Sydney, and Mum and Dad were pretty amazing about it. I had to miss my high school graduation because I was on tour.

How do you normally break the ice when you meet new people?
I somehow have a superpower to make people feel awkward around me. I feel I talk to a lot of people, but I feel my conversation is always boring. I meet a lot of new people at after parties for shows, which I’m not really supposed to be at… so sheepishly in the corner seems to be it.

How did you first get into music?
I got into playing piano really young, I would play in competitions at the Brisbane Conservatorium a lot for classical piano and composition. Everyone there was so bloody good and I couldn’t read music, so I felt like the shittest person ever, so I had to learn by ear. Which, I guess is good for me now – that gets pretty helpful – but it was so hard at the time. I loved it though. I play piano, guitar and produce all my own music, then I love working with other people too on their stuff, you know, on things which may not be right for my solo stuff, but could be awesome for someone else. I’ve been working with M-Phazes on some things – he is incredible.

What was going through your mind while you were writing Ode?
When I write I’m not really writing about my own personal experiences, I know that may sound weird. I find writing comes naturally to me when I put myself into other peoples’ headspace. For me it’s easier to make things heartfelt and honest when I’m not attached to it. I’m not calling it disingenuous, but I feel I can make better art that way, if it’s not my personal experience.

Where do you do your best writing?
I do a lot on planes. I’ll make a beat, then write lyrics, then adjust them later on. I don’t really have a writing place… my room at home has some studio monitors, where I get a lot done and other guys will come over to write.

What was the biggest challenge of making Ode?
I had to get it done pretty quickly, I had two weeks because of deadlines and a bunch of other factors. I can’t really work without a deadline, so when an external entity gives me a target, I’m really good. I’m completely rubbish at finishing anything if I don’t have one.

What was the most fun day of the process?
Working with my musical director, Joel to make my live show. He has really good hair.

In your opinion, who has the voice of an angel?
Louis Mattrs. He sings on an S G Lewis track, he’s really cool.

Do you have any habits or rituals?

Allocate a high-five to someone…
Johnny Depp. He’s a sick lad. He deserves a high five.

What are you like in the green room before you go on stage?
I always forget to warm up. I don’t really get nervous anymore for most shows. I get nervous before little shows though, it’s so much more daunting for some reason, you can see your friends’ eyes… it’s intimidating.

Who would you love to see in the audience at one of your gigs?
Drake. Or Stevie Nicks. Or Drake and Stevie Nicks together as a couple. Hang on. Madonna. Definitely Madonna. I feel like Drake would just be trying to pick up chicks.

Describe your favourite t-shirt…
I prefer baseball jerseys to t-shirts. I found this blue and red one in an an op-shop in Melbourne. It’s like an old Melbourne team. I always seem to find myself wearing it whenever I’m meeting anyone important. It’s my lucky shirt. In my mind I’m like, ‘How am I wearing this again…?’

Pen a short ode to your favourite food:
I’ve written you a terrible hack job of a haiku.

I love the sushi
It is very nice to eat
Sushi is the best.

What are you excited about?
Going to ‘Murica

For more music and gig news, follow JOY. on Facebook, Soundcloud or Instagram @joyaus_.

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