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Too much these days you see everyone posting for a cause without any action. One of our biggest goals has been to put our money where our mouth is and ensure we’re following up any statement with an initiative to support every cause with the passion we spruik. Find out more about the main causes we support.

single use plastic awareness

Plastic Free July

For the past few years now, we’ve been pushing our plastic-free agenda, aptly named ‘Fuck Plastic’, to reduce the use of  plastics by helping to raise awareness and educate on the problems surrounding this use. The goal is to ultimately eliminate the use of single-use plastics all together. By partnering with organisations charities such as Plastic Free July, Sea Shepherd and Take 3 for the Sea, we’ve been able to spread awareness to over 2 million people globally, donated thousands of proceeds by clothing collaborations and fundraising, and contributed to educating over 300,000 people worldwide.

Plastic Free July - Afends Eco Activisim

International Women's Day

Afends For Equality

Each year we collaborate with a different artist to release a range of products every March for International Women's Day. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on equality across the board and raise money for various charities to support, uplift and empower women locally and globally and ultimately help get the world to a point where we all share the same, equal rights. We work with all artists no matter their gender, just human beings with a shared passion for equality.

Afends For Equality - Afends Eco Activisim
Afends For Equality - Afends Eco Activisim
Afends For Equality - Afends Eco Activisim


Hemp Revolution

2015 was the start of a new era. After nine years of designing, Afends co-founders Deco & Jono began investigating ways of promoting sustainability to consumers as well as the surf and fashion industries where things had become increasingly less eco-friendly with the rapid growth of fast fashion and use of unsustainable materials.

After some exploration and experimentation with the natural choice and all around miracle plant, Hemp, we created our first range of Hemp Clothing. To this day we continue to create, promote and expand the Hemp Revolution, with our range of hemp increasing by 710% since 2016.

Hemp Revolution - Afends Eco Activisim

not for profit


We work alongside many non-profit organisations to raise awareness and funds for a number of causes, including Toys Change Lives, WildArk and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. More info on all these organisations and the support we provide is coming soon.

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