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Follow us as we welcome long-time, professional skateboarder and all-around lord Sam Partaix into our Afends team. His passion for skateboarding formed as a young grom; sliding through the streets with his homies and soaking in the feeling of freedom. With years of skating later, a multitude of sponsorships, and experiences up his sleeve, Sam shares a little more about his laidback life.

What made you want to start skating?

I wanted to be free in the street. No coach no rules.

Just freedom with the homies.

My parents divorced when I was young, and my mum was working a lot as an ice skating teacher. So, I was always in the streets and got addicted to skateboarding. It gave me happiness, confidence and also a skateboarding family.

You have skated pro for more than 15 years now. How have you seen the skate scene evolving and what’s your take on skateboarding these days? 

It's different for sure.

There are so many really good skaters those days. Back in the day, all it would take was a good video and to get your photos ina magazine was really important.

We were travelling all around the world to skate in new spots.

Now everything has changed with social media and there are so many videos dropping every day. You have to be really creative or crazy-talented to be recognised now.

The styles have changed as well; skateboarding is becoming more and more mainstream and is majorly fashion industry-related now. Before it was more underground hip-hop and punk. It’s cool to be a skater now, whereas back then we were more thought of as the 'bad kids'.

You live in Biarritz. How much are those surroundings shaping the way you skate nowadays? 

Biarritz is like the french version of Byron Bay.

Lots of surf/skate brands are based here for the European market.

The lifestyle is heavily influenced by surf, skate, and other sports like rugby and snowboarding (with the Pyrenees Mountains close-by). It's a really peaceful and natural zone.

It's a small surfing community. For instance, sometimes I go surfing and I'll look over my shoulder to see my doctor in the water or my baker, which makes it pretty fun.

A lot of skateboarders from Europe tend to move to Bairritz. A lot of them tending to be young as well. I see a lot of younger kids ripping it skateboarding and surfing.

There are a lot of epic skateparks around Biarritz and when the crew feel like a little drive, we head to Spain for some sweet, street skating spots (about a 35min drive). If there are nice waves though, I'll be in the surf.

Indeed, you’ve been also surfing a lot lately. What drew your interest in it? Any favourite spots?

Yeah, I grew up as a full skate-rat kid, always in the street and fully focused on my skateboard. Then I surfed my first wave in morocco 10 years ago and I became addicted to this new passion -  the same feeling as when I started skating. Then moved to Biarritz to skate and surf every day.

I love surfing in Biarritz but I also like to adventure to new surf spots and get amongst new waves. My favourite spot is probably in Biarritz though, it's called La Grande Plage.

It's pretty funny but the big difference is that in skateboarding when you are travelling locals are always welcoming you and really friendly. On the other hand surfing people get really mad at you sometimes hahah - love surfing, hate surfers.


You are in Bali right now. In your skate trip, what are you wearing? Any cool bowls to skate there?

I only wear pants and shoes for skating here because it's so hot and humid.

I'm just living in boardshorts and flip-flops!!!

Bali has so many good bowls, this is nuts! Balinese skaters are so nice and always keen to go skating together.

After 15 years of coming here, I really feel at home with them.

Share the highlights, what’s your favourite tricks at the moment?

Before I came to Bali, I tried a really interesting trick - to do a wall ride in a ceiling and I couldn't roll out. So, I really want to go back there and try again to put it in the new 'Vans' video.

Are there any days when Sam Partaix cannot land a kickflip?

Oh yes, at 35 years old, the hangovers are terrible and after a good party I can’t land any shit. I just go surf and drink water hahaha.

Any other skate trips planned this year?

Yes, I'm thinking to go around Europe, maybe a bit of Morocco and the US.

Stoked to join the Afends crew?

Yeah mate! I feel like Australian brands are always really advanced in their creativity. I'm loving how vibrant and colourful Afends is and the message that they are pushing. Can’t wait to go visit the office in Byron.

Do you feel a difference when skating in hemp? 

Yes for real! It’s breathing more than regular cotton. And also way better for the planet. No joke - It’s important to notice that! The fast fashion industry is a big part of destroying our planet. Representing a brand that cares, is good for our

Any last words? 

Thanks to Dams, Darcy, Jono and the Afends crew! Let’s go, surf skate and dance with pastis or red wine.

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