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Create Not Destroy: Plant Based Happiness x Tokes

Create Not Destroy: Plant Based Happiness x Tokes

Our unisex artist series, Plant Based Happiness in collaboration with Byron legend @couture_confidential for the latest edition of Create Not Destroy [VOL.7], is an ode to the good times ahead after the rollercoaster this year has been.

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Plant Based Happiness is here to evoke a sense of happiness after the wild ride 2021 has been, inviting you to rip in as we welcome the silly season with open arms. This feel-good capsule features Tokes unique hand-drawn graphics and vibrant pops of colour spun from eco-friendly recycled threads in a series of unisex silhouettes. We sat down to hear all about the life of Tokes and got a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of our collab collection. 

Talk us through tokes - what's your real name & what led you to discover your love for drawing?

I don’t think many people know me as Jaxson, to be honest, most people just know me as Tokes.

I kinda always liked drawing, I guess. I never saw myself to be an artist or a drawer of any sort. I just ended up drawing shit on my books at school and writing my essays in graph font, so I could barely get any marks. After school, I went to Tafe and did a graphics course, but that only lasted six months because they wrote me off being like "why are you drawing that? that's not what it's meant to be like - you need to do it on the computer". So, I finished that up and then actually played football for a bit but that kinda didn’t work out because I couldn’t kick the ball straight. Then I finished that and did my carpentry apprenticeship.

We lurked your Instagram @couture_confidential – what inspires your artwork?

I'm inspired by regular life. I just see stuff on the street that I like. People watching is epic - it’s probably my biggest form of inspiration, like watching some old dude down at the bowlo. I also read a shitload of gossip magazines and that's a lot of inspiration right there.

Tell us about your capsule, Plant Based Happiness? What was the first thing that came to mind when asked to design the capsule?

I was just drawing the Afends logo and writing random words to go along with it, and that’s where the Plant Based Happiness ethos came from. It was one of the many little slogans I had written and I guess it was kinda fitting. 

Talk us through the best-selling Rip In Oversized Graphic T-Shirt?

I guess it’s just two people ripping in and having a ball. The guy's obviously popping it off, and having a ball, and the girls having a dart - it’s just about ripping in and having a crack.


Where’s home for you?

Home is down in South West Victoria on the Great Ocean Road in a little town called Lorne. Country Victoria has got some classic inspiration – it has old washed up farmers and things like that. I guess being a product of my environment has given me heaps of inspiration, and growing up in that footy scene - I drew a lot from that, which is kinda cool.

Now that you’re in Byron, how does the culture inspire you?

Coming to Byron was good because it’s opened up that creative sense – everyone’s doing heaps of cool shit here. Whether someone’s starting a label or doing art or taking photos, I feel like everyone’s doing something creative. This place just pushes you to amongst the creative energy.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’ve got a lot of hidden talents that are very worthless. I tech deck too much, play with yoyos, think I went through a magic phase for a bit – the list goes on. Now I’m just a chippy who draws on the side, and people like my shit, so I’m pretty stoked on that.


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Artist: Tokes @couture_confidential
Video: Jana Hirn @j_kirn

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