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As we take further steps toward a sustainable future by expanding our hemp and organics range, denim was high up on the list of things to tackle. We began experimenting to see just what we could come up with, and the results came in. Being entirely made for the people and boasting sustainable and economical properties, we're proud to present our first ever collection of Hemp Denim.

Benefits Of Hemp.

Considered an environmental super fibre, hemp is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural threads. Hemp has a texture similar to linen, it’s breathable, very durable, becomes softer the more you wash and wear, and it’s biodegradable at the end of its life cycle.

80% Less Water

33% Less CO2

250% + Fibre p/Hectare

Afends Benefits Of Hemp. Afends Benefits Of Hemp. Afends Benefits Of Hemp.
Overtime Unisex.Overtime Unisex.

Overtime Unisex.

Our first ever Unisex Hemp Denim Jacket. In an effort to shift our denim range into our Hemp Revolution.



Presenting our first-ever Hemp Denim Shelbys, by combining Hemp and Cotton we have started to shift our denim line into our Hemp Revolution and enjoy experimenting with this versatile blend.



Presenting to you, our first-ever Hemp Denim Ninety Twos Jeans. By blending Hemp, Cotton and Organic Cotton Twill we have started to shift our denim line into our Hemp Revolution.

Hemp Denim

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Hemp Is For The People.

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