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Our Green Planet.


Our Vision

To lead the charge in sustainable fashion through innovation and thought-provoking campaigns.

We believe there’s more to a brand than simply producing “cool” products. We live in an age where we are becoming more aware of the damage our lifestyles are having on the planet. Afends is committed to sustainability and creating a permanent change within the fashion industry that moves away from the exploitation of people and the planet.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of sustainability in edgy lifestyle fashion while also inspiring our customers to think differently, question everything, and shake the constraints of society. We aim to drive action, cultivate change and continually innovate new ways to become more sustainable.

~ Afends Sustainability Vision ~ Afends Sustainability Vision

Afends HQ

The Afends HQ in Byron Bay is where the road to sustainability begins for us. With solar power, recycling programs, and the aim to achieve zero waste, our HQ reflects our commitment to being environmentally responsible in everything we do. The building not only helps reduce our environmental impact, it also serves as a forum for us to discuss the next steps forward. This is where the ideas are born; from corn starch bags, to hemp clothing, to seeded thank you cards, the Afends HQ is where our vision for sustainability becomes a reality.

Afends Sustainability HQ ~ Afends Sustainability Textiles ~

Sustainable Fibres

Although it’s a hard truth to swallow, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We are constantly looking for innovative materials and sustainable fibres that reduce our environmental impact. By using fibres like hemp, organic cotton, tencel, and recycled poly, we are moving into a new realm of fashion. Our goal is to only use sustainable fibres in the near future and hope the rest of the fashion industry will follow suit.


Our Suppliers

We would be nowhere if it wasn’t for our mates in China who are committed to producing the best garments possible for Afends. But as well as producing quality goods, we also make sure that we only partner with factories that share the same values as us. And that means looking after their employees, their communities, and their planet as a whole.

Afends Sustainability Textiles


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