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A Sit Down With Sam Octigan

A Sit Down With Sam Octigan

Earlier last week Milk&Mars had a chance to sit down with Australian artist Sam Octigan and throw a few questions in his direction.

Q: Sam, how are you bro?
Good thanks man!

Q: Any good shit been happening in Melbourne town?
The Melbourne Festival just finished which was cool, managed to check out Mono from Japan and Jello Biafra’s spoken word set. Cool.

Q: You & Jacob Rolfe recently did a joint art show together, Twin Navigation, howd it go?
It was great man, the opening had a good turnout, everyone seemed to enjoy the work and have a good time. All you want really.

Q: Any future plans for more art shows?
Absolutely, putting the plans together for my debut solo show sometime next year, which is exciting. Plus a couple of group exhibitions happening in Sydney and Melbourne. Keeping busy.

Q: Whos work are you loving at the moment?
Mars 1 is about to open a new solo show next month, I’ve been a fan of that guy for a long time. More recently Chloe Early.

Q: Your limited edition print for your band Iron Minds LP is amazing man, what was the inspiration behind it?
Cheers mate. Well, when we decided to do a gatefold LP I knew that I wanted to something really wild with the packaging as I had the freedom to do whatever. The art reflects the sound of the record and the lyrics that I wrote. It’s filled with little clues and characters almost like a puzzle, that hopefully makes you want to sit down, spin the wax, read the lyrics and look at the gatefold. The print is just a different way to enjoy it. Look at it all as one piece, preserve it, hang it on your wall etc.



Q: Whats been spinning on your record player recently?
Always Manchester stuff. Oasis, The Verve, Stone Roses etc. The new Trapped Under Ice is a triumph, I just got the Nothing – Suns and Lovers EP on 12” in the mail too. Worth checking out.

Q: Any last words for the world?
Create, don’t hate. No one gives a shit how refined your taste is. Add me on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook, whatever’s your vice. Keep an eye out for what I’ve got going on. Peace!


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