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Any Tips? Skateparks with Boyd

Any Tips? Skateparks with Boyd

1. Hibiscus 

Now this right here is what im talkin about, imagine not having to push at all and just carvin the shit out of every corner, and grinding the fuck out of steel copping that has been bent and bashed so much that it is now sounding and feeling like pool blocks. I grew up skating this park and it cops alot of hate, but come up and have a sesh with the boys and you will get a new feel for the old girl! Manu Hepi and Scotty Walsh will pretty much destroy the place everytime we skate it and not leave one bit of the park untouched. Not a bad place to start a friday arvo/night of at!


2. Barnacle Bowl

The ol Barnacle Bowl is a beauty. Just when you think you have it figured out, she will snap you in half. This gem lies in the back yard of Barnacle B and Tuna Wahoos place and its the goods. I have seen some serious shit go down in there and alot is from Brodie with half a leg - he fucks shit up. The bowl itself is crazy, and going in and around it is the real challenge. Also the snake run with river rock coping is probably too tight as it goes straight into a gnarly hip, along with the basket ball hoop hanging over for grind-n-dunks.


3. The Fish Bowl

A local paper was thrown into the hesh mansions front yard, the real estate section had this house with pool on the front page and it was close as, that is how she was born. It was pretty much perfect and I got a lot of sessions in there, lots of beers, bones FU Bones!, cops rocking up - even the real estate agent telling the cops we were sweet. Cheers boys for the rad seshs RIP fish bowl.


4. Fairfeild

I used to hate this park for ages as it had poor flow and couldnt get much speed. But now they have extended the back with a spined mini with more to explore, plus the park got a couple coats of paint - so I love it! The crew down there are sick too. Jim Perry always has a new line or trick we try and get down on - he knows whats up there!


5. Beenleigh Barriers

It has been said that two pirates set upon this barrier spot with great knowledge of doing fuck all and have actually made one of the most challenging spots to skate. There is a couple of weird banks set up as a channel and the rest of it is just toed in at the bottom making for a real tight board slappin spot.


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