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August 02, 2014


With a welcome breathe of fresh air we are thrilled to commence our regular reality redefined series 'Dead City Radio' presented by señor Zircon aka Captain Cooked. With his provocative transmissions, AFENDS will be provide you with Zircon's unique musings into the current state of humanity, address social misgivings and instigate a paradigm shift for the world in which we live. 

Read on for his first transmission, Beyond the Limits of Existence. 

This is not a revolution but a revelation... Question Everything!

Hi its comrade Zircon from Dead City Radio.Your only beacon of truth in this alien infested hell hole with a few thoughts on the status quo.

Well winters here and the Captains drinking the rent again while the reptilian hordes advance through the cracked road passing Aussie Go. Christ almighty I'm over!!! I'm starting to feel like a goldfish in a smudged glass bowl thats coated in grease. Anyway we're on the up and up there's been great surf in Indo this season.. bad luck to the renegades who never made it but there's always next year. Better save some coin before the taxman steals it all! 

On the local front the globalist central control have been busy spraying the fuck out of us. Yes!!! Those white lines you seeing in the sky aren't bad hallucinations from the crap you swallowed! They are chemtrails by God and they are totally illegal. Look up geo engineering on the net and join Byron Bay Surfers Against Chemtrails on Facebook before your totally screwed and any brain cells you have left are rotting slime. 

The sociopathic idiots of the elite control the governments who are letting this occur on a global basis.They should be arrested and put in an asylum for the criminally insane. They are poisoning us slowly and at the same time electromagnetically mind controlling us. They use various methods to make it appear normal. Well it's not!!!!! If you haven't had a full frontal lobotomy get active now...wake up and smell the roses. 

Awaken don't be taken. 

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