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August 20, 2014



Our latest 1/100 LTD Edition Program print pays homage to an artist who's work has been hugely influential to many designers around the globe whom ironically, (ourselves included) work in an industry that perpetuates the very themes raised in her work. With the greatest of respect intended we've named this months LTD after her and in tribute to her work encourage you to tap her name into your shiny internet boxes and school yourselves on the work of the legendary Barbara Kruger.


(Untitled) I shop therefore I am (1987)


Barbara Kruger is best known for her silkscreen prints where she placed a direct and concise caption across the surface of a found photograph. Her prints from the 1980s cleverly encapsulated the era of "Reaganomics" with tongue-in-cheek satire; especially in a work like (Untitled) I shop therefore I am(1987), ironically adopted by the mall generation as their mantra. As Kruger's career progressed, her work expanded to include site-specific installations as well as video and audio works, all the while maintaining a firm basis in social, cultural, and political critique. Since the 1990s, she has also returned to magazine design, incorporating her confrontational phrases and images into a wholly different realm from the art world. Associated with postmodern Feminist art as well as Conceptual art, Kruger combines tactics like appropriation with her characteristic wit and direct commentary in order to communicate with the viewer and encourage the interrogation of contemporary circumstances.


Barbara Kruger Responds to Supreme's Lawsuit: 'A Ridiculous Clusterf**k of Totally Uncool Jokers'

Read more here: http://www.complex.com/style/2013/05/barbara-kruger-responds-to-supremes-lawsuit-a-ridiculous-clusterfk-of-totally-uncool-jokers

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